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Commercial Roofing Companies

Commercial Roofing Companies

Commercial roofing companies near Louisville offer many of the same materials. With 50 years in business and a fact-based approach to quoting customers, our professionals are available for any sized project and capable of saving you time and money on installation and maintenance.

What type of commercial roof is best?

Commercial roofs are less sloped than their residential counterparts. Options revolve around form, and function.

Most industrial and retail structures utilize a flat roof. This allows for the storage of equipment in a controlled space while reducing draft and cost. Sloped options are not ideal for large spaces. In this instance and other material is the most important consideration.

Which roofing material should I choose?

Commercial roofs must be flexible enough to allow for vents, drains, wiring, and other features. They must also remain weather resistant and environmentally friendly to help promote a sustainable image.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is the most popular roofing material available today. The smooth surface resists dirt while limiting biological growth. An ENERGY STAR rated membrane saves building owners up to 15 percent in energy costs every year.

Duro-Last roof

Flat and low sloped roofs are ideal for the single-ply Duro-Last system. These roof s are extremely durable, highly effective, maintenance-free, and resistant to chemical fire as well as high winds.

Duro-Last is truly built to last. There is currently over two-billion square feet of membrane installed throughout North America.

Can I have a sloped roof on my commercial real building?

Despite a trend towards flat roofs, it is possible to use a sloped design. Metal roofs made from recycled materials are both environmentally friendly and long-lasting. This option is present in National Parks, on gazebos, and on a wide variety of commercial buildings.

While metal outlasts most other types of material, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Warping, cracking, and other behavior is common. Still, it is possible to use metal on a sloped roof.

Roofing cost estimate

All Seasons roofing uses technology to create fact-based quotes. Instinct is not enough for our commercial clients. We want to be as accurate as possible whether you are building a home or a store.

Forward-Looking infrared cameras allow our experts to detect leaks in existing roofs for repair while fifty years of projects gives us the hard knowledge required to help customers save thousands of dollars. Spend only what you need to create a roof that fits your vision and needs.

Commercial roofing companies in Louisville KY

Commercial roofs have a different set of requirements from your home. They must weather the elements longer, are flatter for storage of equipment and to avoid extra heating and cooling costs for large spaces and must typically handle vents and drainage.

All Seasons Roofing knows commercial roofs. Our experts use infrared technologies to spot and repair leaks. With 50 years in business, we are up to date on the latest and best materials for your commercial property. Get in touch with our experts today to find out how we can help you save money, make repairs, and even obtain a high-quality roof.

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Commercial Roofing Companies Commercial Roofing Companies Commercial Roofing Companies