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Calgary homeowners' biggest challenge when installing, replacing, or fixing their roof is choosing the right roofing company to do the job. With so many professional roofing companies in Calgary, you must conduct exhaustive research on the contractors you're considering. This will help you separate quality roofing professionals from the rest and make an informed decision based on your scrutiny. Here are five things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor in Calgary. 

  1. License and Insurance

Your chosen roofing contractor must be licensed and insured to ensure your roofing job is done correctly. Before a roofing contractor can be licensed, they must pass through formal training and take part in several exams, ensuring that the chosen company will carry out their work according to standards. A license also gives you more peace of mind knowing that the roofer and company you chose is the right one.  Insurance protects the employee and the homeowner from workplace injuries, preventing you from shouldering the problem.

  1. Local Availability

Consider going local when hiring a roofing contractor in Calgary. Do this offers a lot of benefits. Apart from potential scams, most of these local contractors can be contacted anytime you need their service, and they will rush down to your home to fix any issue that arises. Besides that, most of these local roofing companies are familiar with the local rules and the code regulations if you decide to work with a roofer from your community or region.

  1. Communication 

A roofing contractor that you find it challenging to get in touch with, long hold times, – hard-to-navigate voice prompts, dishonest customer service representatives – may not be worth hiring. At Superior Roofing, we are a locally owned roofing company in Calgary, and we always strive to devote our time to helping every customer.

  1. Specialty

When it comes to roofing work, never settle for a general contractor — always hire a professional roofing contractor. Not all general contractors can handle your roofing project because they don't have the necessary knowledge and skills about what they're dealing with. When hiring a roofing contractor in Calgary, always ask if they are comfortable doing your project and always request a similar project portfolio. 

  1. Past Client Feedback or Reputation 

Nothing beats recommendations from friends and family or previous clients if you want to evaluate the roofing contractor you're considering. Client feedback and reviews will help you know if the company you intended to choose is the best for you and make you aware of how the roofing contractor handles projects when it comes to unexpected circumstances. 

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When looking for Calgary roofers, you can be sure that Superior Roofing has your back. As one of the leading Calgary roofing companies, we specialize in first-class roof repairs, replacements, and installation. As a BBB accredited contractor, we have access to extensive training; this helps us provide excellent roofing services to all our clients. Call us today at 403-437-7835 to know more about our professional roofing services.

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