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Superior Roofing roofing contractors takes pride in its years of experience getting hands-on flat roofing skills and building an unmatched Calgary reputation . With our honesty, hard work, knowledge, and workmanship, we have never disappointed our clients. Our success is paramount to your satisfaction. No matter what kind or form of flat roof Calgary you are looking forward to, you can rest assured that Superior Roofing has great expertise in the entire area. In addition to that, we offer professional repairs, maintenance, and installation of flat roofs as well. Keeping that in consideration, Superior Roofing Calgary  is your go-to for all the flat roof services in Calgary, we also are great at Calgary roof Repairs .

What Makes Our Roofing Services Stand Out?

We believe in quality, and so we offer topnotch flat roofing Contractor Calgary services that stand atop all the other local flat roofing companies in Calgary . Also we are Calgary roof repair experts .Here’s what makes us unique:

  • Mechanical fastening of FR board
  • 2-ply SBS thermal-sealed protection
  • 180 granular cap sheet (black, brown or grey)
  • Metal cap flashings (as needed)
  • Scuppers and drains for the right drainage
  • Sealed penetrations (if any)

Flat roofing can cost a lot of money Therefore, you need to make sure that your f roof can survive bad weather conditions such as snow build-up and the proper drainage system. With our 2-ply thermal sealed protection system roof , you can expect ultimate protection for your flat roof. As it requires professional skills like flat roof repairs and expertise, you will have to hire trained labor to get the job done. Otherwise, your roofing starts leaking or warped up in less than a year. That’s where Superior Roofing roof experts and highly skilled professionals come in. We have a whole team of trained labors to handle the job in a perfect manner.

How Do We Do It?

Well, we have a proper step-by-step process to make sure everything goes as planned, and the project completes in decided duration. At Superior Roofing in Calgary , we offer a free quote to provide you with an estimate of material, time, and cost. Let us do a roof inspection As you agree to let us do your project, our installation team will visit the job site and order flat roofing materials. Once the material gets delivered, the labor gets on its feet our roof repairs Calgary will get it done.

Installing Your Roof

Next comes roofing installation. Our professional experts will get the installation done right, as mentioned in the contract and project plan. We make frequent visits to the job site to ensure quality, timely delivery, workmanship, and safety. We are highly concerned about our customer’s needs and requirements .We have many years of experience, Superior Roofing Calgary guarantees you timely and top notch project completion, as per your needs and expectations.

Benefits of Domestic and Commercial Flat Roofing

Undoubtedly, roofing services comes with a bundle of benefits. Whether you want to go for flat roofing for your home or business, you are good to welcome versatility and flexibility.

Flat roofing caters to yo

waterproofing roofing services needs and is the best choice if you want to use up your space as an entertainment arena. Being in the business for more many years, we can also show you different decking options without having to compromise any membranes.

our roof repair Calgary professionals can help find out if your roof is properly waterproofed or not. Sometimes, the heights of walls aren’t just right for waterproofing and roofing services.

Also, flat roofing eliminates the need for insulation, which only results in heat loss during winters and leads to high indoor temperature in summers.

We look into all the aspects of your place as well as your needs to assess what is the right option for you. This way, you get the best flat roofing done for your Calgary home or business.

Flat Roofing Cost in Calgary

Whether you are getting a renovation or are building a new place, you need to have the right flat roofing system. And, it only comes with professional installation by a flat roofer contractor . It is important to note here that flat roofers Calgary costs higher than sloped shingle systems.

Given the complex installation, high-quality material, and expert labor, flat roofing costs are simply justified. You need to know that SBS materials experience a yearly increase in prices. As a matter of fact, these are oil-based products, and so the cost largely depends on the trends in the oil industry.

How to Pick the Right Company for Flat Roofing in Calgary?

When looking for the right company for flat roofing services, there are two key considerations:

Ask for Company Insurance

As installing 2-ply SBS roofing systems is a torch-on job, companies need to have insurance to work with open flames on the roofs. Therefore, always ask for the company’s insurance, safety tickets, and WCB certification.

Get an Idea of R-Value Expertise

To stay updated with the roof industry information, Superior Roofing always keeps an eye on changing conditions. As the new R-value is 44 for your roof , you must see if your company has an idea of how to maintain the value to prevent heat loss in winters of the roof and excessive indoor heat in summers. Having 6 decades of experience, Superior Roofing upholds industry standards. Therefore, it fulfills the criteria of the right flat roofing company.

Get Your Free Estimate with Superior Roofing

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your free estimate for flat roofs, flat roof repairs today to have an idea of how long your flat roof can survive. With our detailed assessment, you will get to know if your flat roof needs repair or total replacement. We also offer a set of recommendations to help you with future flat roof maintenance.

Leading the industry for years in flat roof , flat roof repairs , roof inspection and flat roofing services , Superior Roofing Calgary AB roofing contractors promises to cover all your flat roofing needs in Calgary’s domestic and commercial areas!

If you have a new flat roofing project coming up, schedule your free estimate with us to get engaged in an informative and consultative session. Springs and summers are usually busy times, so make sure you get in the line as soon as possible.

call us for all flat roofs and commercial roofing , from residential flat roofing installation to flat roof repairs We will be glad to assist you! Feel free to email us via the contact form or contact us via phone .

How often do flat roofs need replacing?

every 15 years. A good rule of thumb is to replace your roof every 15 years. Of course, it’s important to take care of your roof to keep it in good shape. Repairs and replacements will cost you a bit. However, they won’t cost wildly out of proportion to what you would pay if you took care of the issues now.

Are flat roofs cheaper to replace?

Most contractors charge more for a flat roof installation than they do for an asphalt shingle. The cost of a full roof installation with asphalt shingles is the same as the cost of a flat roof installation, regardless of whether the roof has a low slope or not.

Is a flat roof better than a pitched roof?

A pitched roof also provides more structure and stability than a flat roof. This means that it will last longer and is suitable for locations that receive rain or snow during the year. … Flat roofs are also modern, so if you want to design a contemporary home, use a flat roof or a sleek pitched roof with a very low slope.