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Superior Siding Calgary  – Imagine a New Exterior

Are you thinking about updating your siding? Are you tired of the same drab look? Or has your current siding been damaged by hail or wind?

Nothing has such a dramatic effect on the overall exterior appearance of your house or business as the siding. Covering a large portion of your home and clearly visible from the street, it also impacts your home’s curb appeal and value.

Coming home to a beautifully sided house improves your satisfaction too, but siding does more than just make your building more attractive. Just like the roof, it is part of the envelope that protects your home’s structure from damage due to the elements. With Calgary’s dramatically changing weather, your property needs protection from sun, chinook winds with gusts up to 128 km, rain, hailstorms, and heavy snow.

Correctly installed siding can also provide insulation and protection from heat and cold, as well as pests and general humidity. The bonus of this protection is increased energy efficiency; homeowners are sometimes pleasantly surprised by reduced utility bills after replacing their old siding.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Roofing  Calgary is your trusted Calgary siding professional. We are Red Seal Certified, which means that we meet inter-provincial standards of quality. Our other certifications include being a Haag Certified Inspector, which provides peace of mind to you and your insurance company since the quality of our inspections has been verified, and a Certificate of Recognition (COR) recipient for our commitment to safety. We are also an accredited AB business member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.

A commitment to safety is another reason to choose Superior. In addition to our Certificate of Recognition (COR), we also have a full-time safety coordinator, which allows us to stay on top of any new health and safety challenges and continuously improve our processes and standards. We are also members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

And Superior roofing  has years of experience serving Calgary’s siding needs with a track record of professional performance. Our customers have given us high ratings and written positive reviews on HomeStar and Google. Thanks to our clients, we were a HomeStar Best of 2018 award recipient. And we continue to back our work with a written labour warranty and 24-hour emergency service.

Since we also offer roofing, eavestroughing, soffit and fascia repair and replacement, we can care for all these aspects of your residential or commercial building and provide ongoing maintenance and repairs as needed. Developing a relationship with Superior ensures that all these exterior parts of your home or business will be installed correctly and work together to protect and beautify your building.

And as one of Calgary’s preferred siding contractors, we offer a wide range of siding products, ensuring that you have a variety of choices to make your home’s exterior uniquely yours. Siding can last a lifetime, and we want to make sure that you love the siding for as long as it lasts. We have certified installers for several manufacturers and offer quality products, including James Hardie Siding, Royal Building Products, and CertainTeed.  For a great look in the style you want, we offer choices in these product types:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Metal Siding
  • Hardie Board Siding
  • Cedar Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Wood Siding

Whatever your siding needs may be, we are confident that we have a solution for you!

Plus, we provide courteous, respectful service during the repair and installation process, followed by prompt and thorough cleanup. We understand that having a construction crew on your property is a disruption, and we strive to make the process as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

In addition to providing dependable quality and service, we also provide free estimates of the work for all our clients and take pride in offering a fair price. From the first call for a quote to the final day on the job, we want to make sure our customers are happy.

Siding Q & A:

Q: With so many options, how do I choose the right siding for my home?

A: Cost, appearance, performance, and ongoing maintenance are all things to consider when you are making this decision. Siding is priced by the square foot or metre, and that price varies. For appearance and performance, each kind of siding has its own advantages.

Aluminum and vinyl are some of the cheaper, more durable options. They are available in a wide selection of colour and texture choices and require very little maintenance other than an occasional power wash. Other metal products are also available, but since aluminum does not rust, it is extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain. For vinyl, even if damage does occur, it is usually easier to repair than other products.

Wood siding is sometimes preferred for its great appearance and resistance to wind and the hail that can pull or dent other materials, but it does require more maintenance and repainting or resealing every few years to protect it from pests and water damage. You should have siding inspected annually since not all damage is visible on the surface. Cedar is more resistant to rot than most wood, but it still requires re-staining and maintenance, although its warmth and beauty make it a popular choice in spite of the work involved.

Hardie Board siding, a high-quality fibre cement product, is the best of all worlds option for both its combination of appearance and durability. It provides the realistic appearance of wood but without the high maintenance. And it is resistant to moisture and stands up to wind and hail, making it a good choice for the Calgary area. It is also fire resistant. However, the upfront cost can be higher than other choices.

When we prepare your estimate, we can review your options and what might work on your building and be best for budgeting both your financial investment and your time commitment for maintenance.

Q: Can you repair minor damage, and will you work with my insurance company?

A: Superior does provide repair services as well as a complete replacement. When we provide your free estimate, we can let you know which action to take, whether it is more cost-effective to make repairs or start over with new siding. And as a Haag Certified Inspector, we provide added credibility and trust to your insurance company in our damage and repair estimates.

Q: What preparation and work go into the process of siding my building? What should I expect?

A: The preparation process can vary depending on your home’s structure, the type of existing siding and what is replacing it. In most cases, we remove the old siding, which can take up the first day of the job. If there has been damage from moisture or pests to the membrane or other internal structure, then we will make those repairs. Once the siding work has been completed, we will do immediate cleanup for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Our contractors work as quickly as possible, while also maintaining standards of safety and excellence in quality.

Still Dreaming About Your Building’s New Look?

Stop dreaming and take action to make that beautiful new exterior a reality! Send us a message or give us a call to get started with your free estimate from Superior Roofing today! You will be glad you called!